Towards the hills (2015)

Towards the hills (2015) 50cm x 50cm, oil on canvas

Artist’s statement: landscapes often inspire my art work including paintings, drawings, collage and photographs.  My inspirations comes from visits to RSPB nature reserves such as Minsmere in Suffolk and Nor Marsh & Motney Hill in Kent. These reserves are sanctuaries for diverse and beautiful plants and animals and give views of ancient landscapes, despite being close to the urban sprawl.

Colour and texture are important. The colour in my work is often drawn from the landscape but may change, or become exaggerated, in the process of painting as I try to resolve the relationships between them. Texture is created by applying thick paint and bold brushstrokes, or, by forming complex thinner layers by applying and then partially removing the paint. Paint then evokes the beauty and complexity of nature and takes the viewer to a different place, just for a few moments.

Sea-life (2017) assemblage box: mixed media

Sea-life (2017) assemblage box: mixed media

One project was inspired by the American artist, Joseph Cornell’s surrealist assemblage boxes.  My ‘Sea-life’ box shows an unfamiliar sea. A fish from the deep ocean, grotesque to us, is combined with found and made objects, along with pictorial layers and textures. Here is life in a coral sea, but now tarnished, netting, glass and plastic pollutes this under-sea world.

Art exhibitions (group shows):

Tuesday group, Hampstead Art Show 2016: Burgh House & Hampstead Museum, London NW3 (22 June- 3 July 2016)

More than Brushstrokes, Advanced Painting Practice course final show: Morley College, (18 March – 28 April 2016)

MADE2016: Morley Gallery and College, London SE1 (29 February – 17 March 2016)

Explorations, CityLit Fine Art course final show: Espacio Gallery, London E1 (July 2015)

 Interim show, CityLit Fine Art course: City Literary Institute, London WC2 (February 2015)

Art education:

Advanced Painting Practice course: Morley College, London SE1 (2015-2016)

CityLit Fine Art course: City Literary Institute, London WC2 (2013 – 2015)

Various short art courses (painting, drawing, sketchbooks, collage and mixed media): City Literary Institute, Morley College and Mary Ward Centre all in London.

Please enjoy my work!

Email: karenpollock @ btconnect dot com

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